Summer Associates Careers


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Summer Associates

Foulston Siefkin’s summer-associate program is a terrific way to experience being a lawyer at Foulston. Foulston offered me challenging, engaging opportunities to work on real cases with real clients and to attend trials, depositions, and client meetings. Foulston’s lawyers—from the managing partner to the first-year associates—went out of their way to mentor me and answer my questions about the firm and the practice of law. While the free lunches, social events, and softball games were fun, Foulston set itself apart with its emphasis on writing. From day one, Foulston showed me how important it is to produce high-quality legal work. Through its writing mentors, Foulston provides individualized instruction on how to not only get the right legal answer, but also to hone your craft as a legal writer.  Their training and mentoring during my summer-associate experience helped me see that Foulston was the right place for me.” — Nancy E. Musick, J.D., University of Kansas School of Law, 2019


Each summer associate receives personalized attention from a partner mentor, an associate mentor, and a group of writing mentors. We are especially proud of our writing mentor program. Writing mentors review and edit all of the written work produced by summer associates. Together, the mentor and summer associate will review and discuss ways in which to improve the summer associate’s writing skills. Our summer associates repeatedly rank the writing mentor program as one of their favorite parts of our summer program.

Summer Schedule

The summer is filled with events that allow you to experience all your host city has to offer, including food trucks, festivals, the local nightlife, and more. Every Tuesday, the firm’s softball team competes in “Lawyer’s League” softball games and celebrates their victories at the weekly post-game gathering. There are several opportunities to get to know the attorneys better at monthly lunches and firm parties at the attorneys’ homes.


Summer associates are not assigned to a particular practice area. Instead, all projects are assigned through one of the attorneys responsible for coordinating the summer program. Most summer associates are assigned two or more projects at a time to help them develop the case management skills all lawyers must possess. The summer program coordinators, however, keep track of each summer associate’s workload to ensure he or she doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Summer associates are typically assigned work from a number of different practice areas, both to broaden the summer associate’s experience and to allow the summer associate to meet and interact with as many of the firm’s attorneys as possible.

In addition, there is more to learn about the practice of law than how to do legal research and write a memo. Our summer associates accompany our attorneys on a wide variety of out-of-office experiences, including trials, hearings, depositions, witness interviews, settlement conferences, closings, client meetings, and seminar presentations.


In the summer of 2022, summer associates were paid a weekly salary of $2,250. The salaries are reviewed annually, and we will remain competitive with salaries in the Midwest.

Reviews and Offers

All summer associates are given a mid-point and final review. The mid-point review helps summer associates gauge their progress at the firm and identify and address any problem that needs attention well before the final review. At the end of the summer program, each summer associate receives a final review to evaluate his or her performance. The final review establishes a benchmark for offer decisions.

Offer decisions are made by the Recruiting and Executive Committees upon completion of the entire summer program. We personally call each summer associate with our decision, typically prior to Labor Day. 

Split Policy

We generally prefer that summer associates spend the entire summer with our firm. We will permit a first-year student to split his or her summer with another firm only in exceptional circumstances. If a second year law student elects to split his or her summer with another firm, as a general policy, we require that he or she spend at least the first half of the summer with Foulston.


We will make every effort to assist you in finding summer housing. We have made arrangements with several apartment complexes to provide short-term leases for our summer associates.


If you are interested in pursuing a summer associate position with Foulston Siefkin LLP, please send your résumé, law school transcript, unofficial undergraduate transcript, and a writing sample to:

Andrew J. Nolan, Partner
Foulston Siefkin LLP
1551 N. Waterfront Parkway, Suite 100
Wichita, KS 67206-4466
T: 316.291.9542