Foulston Siefkin's energy practice group understands the complex legal issues involved with the energy industry, including traditional fossil fuels, and also renewable energy, including wind and bio-energy. Our energy practice group's industry insight, coupled with our law firms' 93-year history of representing energy clients and other manufacturing clients, major employers, and entrepreneurs, uniquely situates Foulston Siefkin to provide exceptional legal services and value. Our offices in Wichita, Topeka and Overland Park are strategically located to serve our broad state-wide client base.
For more detailed information on our Oil, Gas & Minerals Practice , visit: Oil, Gas & Minerals Practice.
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Areas of Representation
Energy Antitrust
Resource Development
Oil, Gas & Minerals
Oil and gas leases
Mining leases
Deeds and other transfer instruments
Operating agreements
Unit agreements
Farmout agreements
Transfer and division orders
Title examination
Gas purchase contracts
Oil and gas transportation agreements
Purchase and sale agreements
Mortgages, deeds of trust and security agreements
Easements and seismic permits
Salt water disposal agreements, surface use agreements
Regulatory permitting and compliance
Representation before the Kansas Corporation Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution regarding disputes involving ownership, market value royalty claims, contract and title claims, lease cancellation claims, implied covenant issues, and contracts
Wind Energy
Access and Siting
Project Finance/Equity Investments
Project Siting, Development, Diligence, Permitting, Zoning, and Regulatory Approvals
Power Purchase Agreements
Wind Turbines and Other Project Components: Sales, Operation, Maintenance, Manufacturing
Power Transmission and Interconnection
State and Federal Tax, Incentives, and Credits
Environmental Impact
Wind Farm Project Leases, Easements, and Rights-of-Way
Cooperation and Accomodation Agreements
Interplay with Oil and Gas Leases, Easements, Lienholders, Farming Leases, Hunting Leases, Government Program Contracts, and other Co-Existing Real Property Interests
Title and Survey Issues
Construction Contracts
Labor Issues
Distributed Wind
Charles J. Woodin Image Charles J. Woodin
T: 316.291.9552
  • Oil & Gas
Charles P. Efflandt Image Charles P. Efflandt
T: 316.291.9551
  • Wind Energy
  • Environmental Impact
Jim Goering Image Jim Goering
T: 316.291.9709
  • Commercial & Complex Litigation
  • Class action lawsuits
Karl N. Hesse Image Karl N. Hesse
T: 316.291.9554
  • Oil & Gas
  • Wind Energy
Wyatt A. Hoch Image Wyatt A. Hoch
T: 316.291.9769
  • Construction Contracts
Christopher M. Hurst Image Christopher M. Hurst
T: 316.291.9507
  • Project Finance/Equity Investments
  • State and Federal Tax, Incentives, and Credits
Scott C. Palecki Image Scott C. Palecki
T: 913.253.2128
  • State and Federal Tax, Incentives, and Credits
  • State tax and incentives
Eric M. Pauly Image Eric M. Pauly
T: 316.291.9793
  • Wind Energy
  • Project Siting, Development Dilligence, Permitting, Zoning & Regulatory Agreements
  • Interplay with other Leases & Government Programs
  • Project Leases, Easements, and Rights of Way
  • Cooperation and Accomodation Agreements
  • State tax and incentives
Larry G. Rapp Image Larry G. Rapp
T: 316.291.9583
  • Wind Turbines: Sales, Operation, Maintenance, Manufacturing
  • Distributed Wind
F. Robert Smith Image F. Robert Smith
T: 316.291.9779
  • Project leases, easements and rights of way
  • Oklahoma state and local development issues and incentives
Patricia Voth Blankenship Image Patricia Voth Blankenship
T: 316.291.9767
  • Wind Energy
  • Incentives
  • Property Tax Exemption
William R. Wood II Image William R. Wood II
T: 316.291.9772
David M. Traster Image David M. Traster
T: 316.291.9725
David R. Green Image David R. Green
T: 913.253.2168
Wesley J. Kimmel Image Wesley J. Kimmel
T: 316.291.9500
  • Project Siting and Development Dilligence
  • Project leases, easements and rights of way
  • State tax and incentives
Robert (Bob) J. McFadden Image Robert (Bob) J. McFadden
T: 316.291.9533
  • Wind Energy

  • Representation regarding at least 24 wind energy projects. Almost half of those projects involved serving as local counsel to wind project developers or owners. Others involved serving as counsel to landowners in proposed wind energy projects. Representation included leading firm's team in: reviewing and negotiating wind project easements, leases and other project documents; advising on state and local permitting, environmental, taxation, tax exemption and regulatory compliance; evaluating and solving land title issues, third party consents and cooperation agreements; and PILOT and county agreements.

  • Real estate local counsel for party acquiring interests in and developing wind energy projects of approximately 419 megawatts spread over 66,000 acres, and approximately 240 megawatts.

  • Represented national leader in sales and installation of distributed wind energy projects, including Vestas, Gamesa, Northern Power and Endurance turbines.

  • Local counsel for an international wind project development and management company regarding wind energy projects and potential development, including three projects totaling approximately 650 megawatts and approximately 180,000 acres.

  • Representation of wind project development and management company regarding approximately 74-megawatt wind energy project.

  • Local counsel in $150,000,000 financing of electric transmission assets across 14 counties.

  • Advise of alternatives, and negotiate and draft documents, regarding potential transfer of wind project income stream owed to landowners.

  • Oil, Gas and Minerals

  • Representation of subsidiary of major oil company in the largest financing transaction secured solely by oil and gas properties in Kansas.

  • Representation of major oil company in serial, multi-state financing transactions securing debt in excess of one billion dollars.

  • Representation of independent oil and gas company in the acquisition and financing of Kansas properties valued in excess of $150 million dollars.

  • Defense counsel in state court class actions in several states, involving claims of crude oil mismeasurement.

  • Defense counsel in multi-state class action involving claims of natural gas mismeasurement.

  • Representation of major interstate regulated refined products pipeline company in connection with the issuance of securities and pipeline title and location matters in five mid-continent states.

  • Representation of multiple producers in federal court litigation concerning helium ownership in a series of cases spanning 25 years and multiple decisions in the 10th Circuit of Appeals and United States Supreme Court.

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