Administrative and regulatory team members represent oil and gas operators, electric and gas utilities, and telecommunication companies, emphasizing their practice on rate cases, regulatory permitting and compliance, and other proceedings before the Kansas Corporation Commission. Foulston Siefkin has experience representing clients before the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. Our lawyers also practice before other administrative agencies and represent clients seeking judicial review of administrative decisions.

Headquartered in our Topeka office, the administrative and regulatory team is well situated to handle matters before the various agencies located in the state capitol including the Kansas Lottery and the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. Foulston Siefkin lawyers bring to the table the knowledge, experience and credibility necessary to help clients successfully resolve licensing issues, regulatory compliance disputes and other problems arising from governmental regulations and procedures.
Areas of Representation
Kansas Agencies
Client representation before the Kansas Corporation Commission, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, the Kansas Insurance Department, the Kansas Department of Transportation, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, the Racing and Gaming Commission and the Kansas Liquor Control Commission , Governmental Ethics Commission, the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources.
Federal Agencies
Client representation before federal regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the United States Army Corps of Engineers, and the United States Department of Fish & Wildlife
Government relations counsel, including bill drafting and testimony
Strategy development, advocacy and constituency development
Public policy consulting
Crisis management
Contested case hearings
Litigation and appeals
Negotiation of contracts and agreements with local, state and federal governments
Complex disputes
Assist clients to comply with existing laws and regulations in daily operations
Develop and implement corporate compliance programs
Investigate and resolve threatened administrative, civil and criminal actions
Provide representation in adversary proceedings where necessary to protect clients’ business interests
General litigation and appellate representation
Telecommunications Industry
Representation of providers before state regulatory commissions and courts involving
• Long distance competition, competing local exchange carriers, internet service providers, and interconnection agreements
• Routine certification and compliance issues
• Zoning, permitting and real estate assistance
Natural Gas, Water and Electric Utilities
Counsel in all aspects of rate cases
• Rate base valuations
• Rate of return determinations
• Cost of service
• Temporary and permanent rates
• Rate structure and tariff design matters

Bankruptcy and reorganization of utilities
Creating, acquiring, consolidating and merging utility companies
Condemnation and customer complaint proceedings
Negotiation and preparation of agreements between utilities and agreements between utilities and their customers (including long term power agreements, wheeling, inter-connection and special rate agreements)
Small power producer proceedings
Conservation and demand side management proceedings
Contested certification proceedings
Investment by an equity partner, and other financing issues
Regulatory, tax, and other issues
Health Care
Federal and state regulation of health care providers and payers
Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement
Managed care, hospital and physician law
Tax exemption
Survey and certification enforcement disciplinary cases
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  • Successfully participated in the creation and implementation of Kansas Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Rules and Regulations before the Kansas Corporation Commission and the Kansas Legislature.