J-1 Waivers

A Brief Discussion of the Conrad-30 Waiver Program for Foreign Medical Students

Health Industry Senior Executives, Human Resource Professionals, Corporate Counsel and Health Care Lawyers.

The Office of Local and Rural Health (OLRH) makes available in most locations in Kansas the ability for physician employers to recruit from the pool of foreign medical graduates that are studying in the United States on J-1 Visas. These foreign medical graduates are typically subject to a requirement that they return to their home country for a two-year period prior to returning to the United States to find employment. This program, usually referenced as the Conrad 30 program, allows for the State of Kansas, through OLRH, to make available waivers of this home country requirement for foreign physicians in this circumstance to remain in the United States. In return for this waiver, the foreign physician agrees to work in an underserved community (most of Kansas qualifies) for three years.

We have prepared a short podcast that covers the following:

  • A short summary of the J-1 Visa and how it operates
  • An overview of the J-1 Visa waiver process
  • A general timetable of the process

If you have questions or want more information, you should contact your attorney to review the terms of the J-1 Waiver program to determine whether this program can assist you in meeting your physician recruiting needs. If you do not have regular legal counsel, Foulston Siefkin LLP would welcome the opportunity to discuss this program and any other immigration issues that might specifically meet your business needs. Don Berner is available to assist you and can be reached at (316) 291-9738 or Don Berner.

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