Foulston Siefkin attorneys, recruited from the best law schools in the country, are some of the most respected legal minds in their profession. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they provide creative and effective solutions to meet the needs of each client. Attorneys at Foulston Siefkin are also active leaders in their communities, in business and charitable organizations, and in state and local bar associations.
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Douglas L. Hanisch, Partner
Wichita, Phone: 316.291.9748, FAX: 866.450.2987

Anne M. Harrison, Associate
Wichita, Phone: 316.291.9557, FAX: 866.790.9602

Charles R. Hay, Partner
Topeka, Phone: 785.354.9413, FAX: 866.347.5155

Karl N. Hesse, Partner
Wichita, Phone: 316.291.9554, FAX: 866.450.2988

Joshua T. Hill, Partner
Kansas City, Phone: 913.253.2139, FAX: 866.738.3156

Wyatt A. Hoch, Partner
Wichita, Phone: 316.291.9769, FAX: 866.450.2989

Robert L. Howard, Of Counsel
Wichita, Phone: 316.291.9553, FAX: 866.450.2990

Christopher M. Hurst, Partner
Wichita, Phone: 316.291.9507, FAX: 866.450.2991

Jeffrey B. Hurt, Special Counsel
Kansas City, Phone: 913.253.2165, FAX: 866.347.9610